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You might be asking - Where are these Gospel Sax Players I speak of? Great Question.

There are a lot of Sax Players, more than you can even imagine using their Saxophone to bring glory to God! I did a search on a favorite, independent CD outlet online and found 84 tonight - URL at CD Baby. This was searching Gospel Jazz and most the CDs are Sax Players.

Favorite Gospel Saxophonists

I have my Favorite Christian Sax Players. One of the biggest on the planet is a name that most Saxophone Players already know - Kirk Whalum.

Kirk is a Sax Player's sax player.
What I mean by that is many Sax Players listen to Kirk to emulate his saxophone playing. He is very well trained, has huge credits to his name and plays his tail off.

I own every record he has ever released and many that he has been a sideman on. Kirk is fresh and tasty all the time. I love Kirk's playing, and would have to say he is one of my personal favorites. I have seen Kirk with his bands, as a sideman in Gospel and secular settings, read interviews and articles, gospel and secular mag.s on him, played his music at my Church, hung with him on the road doing the Smooth Jazz thing, talked and prayed with him, asked him advice, even produced him playing on a friends CD. Kirk is the real deal. 100% sold out for Jesus and totally gifted with his music. He has impacted my life and serves as an example of what being consistent should look like, and how far I have to go.

Now this being said - I know there are lots of great sax players, just like Kirk Whalum out there, serving and impacting their world. I just have not meet those guys or gals yet. I have had some good time with Justo Almario and was blessed with Kim Hutchcroft doing a master class at my Church just last night. Gifted people with huge hearts for God! Where am I going with this? Kirk is my example of what I want to be when I grow up because God gave him to me. You very well have a different person for that role in your life. I hope you might share those experiences with me when you get a chance. Kirk, Justo and Kim are also examples of guys that have been applying their faith to their music life, and have seen musical opportunities arise that used their skills as saxophonists to spead the Christian message of Love,  Hope and Salvation.

Many have asked if a Christian Sax Player is a Christian who plays sax or a sax player who happens to be a Christian. Since a picture is worth a thousand words - go to Kirk's site for a pretty interesting picture of balance.

WHO are some more of these CHRISTIAN SAX PLAYERS?

Gospel Sax Links

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More Gospel Saxophonists?? Email me with a name and link so I can look over the site and listen before adding the sites here. Thanks!

Enjoy these talented Christian Saxophonists Sites and buy some music in support of there ministries!!

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