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What is Gospel Jazz?

Gospel Jazz is an emerging format, blending elements of Gospel, R&B, Jazz, Smooth Jazz and Praise and Worship Music to create a contemporary sound that is inspirational, passionate, and musically complex. Passion from the artists heart, passion in musical expression, and passion for God.

Gospel Jazz is an underground movement that includes independent artists from both the music world and church world, often crossing between these worlds as Jazz Artist and Christian, but now blurring the lines between the 2 in a unified statement of Faith and Talent.

Gospel Jazz

Other Names for this Gospel Jazz Style - include Inspirational Jazz, Smooth Gospel, Instrumental Worship, Gospel Instrumentals, Jazz Praise, Contemporary Gospel and Contemporary Christian Instrumentals. Did I miss anything....

A quick look at CD Baby  - search Gospel Saxophonists - and you will see hundreds of CDs available. With Gospel and Jazz sharing so many of the same roots in music, and a growing number of evangelical Christians identifying themselves as Christians in the Jazz World, many new CDs have been produced mixing Jazz and R&B Styles with faith based Christian Music. New, fresh, modern sounding, modern jazz sounds and fresh ideas have merged in this new musical movement.

Gospel Jazz is an exciting new, sub-format, that has no rules or boundaries. Coming from Jazz Artists, the music and recordings are approached with the highest musical integrity and creativity. As Christians, the goal is to praise and honor the Creator and bring focus to Him, using all the talents He has blessed us with, as artists.

Using our gifts to glorify God is our calling as Believers and that includes Musicians!

We can do this in hundreds of different ways, and have done exactly that for years now. What you see today is a move toward greater openness as believers in relationship to our vocations. I, for one, have recorded songs in my CD catalog, that's Jazz, Smooth Jazz, and Christmas styles, along with Christian songs of Faith that have inspired me thru my life with the goal and focus - to glorify God!

I am excited to bring this music to your attention, along with the Gospel Jazz genre, other Christian artists, and links to more Gospel Jazz places online. I pray that this music will bless and inspire a greater awareness of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, while relaxing and refocusing our thoughts and ears on HIM. :)

Blessings, Greg Vail

Exciting Gospel Jazz News
for 2010!!!

has been added to the
American Smooth Jazz Awards as a brand new category!!

I have been nominated along with some other amazing Christian artists for the 2010 Award!

Thanks to all that participated in the Vote! The Ceremony is set for October 29, 2010 in Indiana!

Now for some cool Gospel Jazz Sax Music CDs!

Featured Gospel Jazz CDs

The Gospel Truth - Revisited
Greg Vail Music 2006
Inspirational Jazz from the Saddleback Praise and Worship Songs.
Listen Here
Christian Christmas Jazz CDs

Christmas The Hymns is a Jazz Sax and Flute CD with Traditional Hymns of Christmas - Favorite Christmas Classics. CLICK COVER for a 5 song sample.
Christmas the Hymns
Greg Vail Music 1999
Smooth Jazz Christmas Classics featuring the Sax and Flute.
Listen Here

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